ScrumGenius Dashboard

Keep your team engaged in standup meetings.

ScrumGenius guarantees team transparency by replacing long meetings with a short asynchronous report. 


Seamless check-ins.

  • Enter your standups via chat on Microsoft Teams or Slack — just like texting your friends! 
  • Fill in reports & receive standup summaries on email.
  • Single sign-on with Microsoft & Slack for everything. 
  • Login and check-in on your browser. 

Stay connected.

 Configure ScrumGenius to send reports based on local time.

  • Improve employee health and workplace happiness.
  • Optimize collaboration and reduce downtime.
  • Works whether you're across the room or around the world.
Agile Sprint Retrospective

Bring your team together.

  • Having trouble getting honest feedback? We got you covered with our private reports.
  • Automate scheduling for your video meetings. Our bot generates unique invites for everyone in Microsoft Teams post-report! Best used with our Monday Meetings template.

We cost a lot less than not knowing what happened this week.

Stop wasting time & money on unproductive meetings, and focus on getting things done. 

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