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Free Automated Check-ins

Not using a messaging platform? No worries, ScrumGenius helps you run virtual, asynchronous standup meetings directly over email – and for free!

Use our free plan with Email for up to 10 people.


You are in great company.

ScrumGenius Report Summary Email

Integrated standups in Email

Review standups from the comfort of your email inbox. ScrumGenius collates and plays back your team's standup responses seamlessly.

  • Automate your meeting minutes with our standup summary
  • Timezone-conscious standup bot.
  • Tired of losing focus in video calls? ScrumGenius email users only need 30 seconds to check-in with their team.

ScrumGenius packages it up. It doesn’t require prep work, and we get the information my director needs. It’s really made things easier for everybody.”

Julee Marcelino - TrueBlue

Julee Marcelino

Director, TrueBlue

ScrumGenius Integrations Dashboard

Build trust and promote transparency everyday

View all of your team's report answers in one place — on our Dashboard. 

  • Visualize valuable info on common blockers & team engagement. 
  • Identify workflow patterns and get involved faster. 
  • Build a cadence of communication so everyone stays in sync with the team while working remotely with fewer meetings.
ScrumGenius Integrations Dashboard


ScrumGenius works with project management tools like GitHub, JIRA, Asana, Azure Devops, Clubhouse and more! Search tasks and activity in these tools and include them in your check-ins.

Boost team transparency and trust, which improves decision making, collaboration and overall team focus.

  • JIRA
  • Github
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ...and more.

Works for startups & small teams.

Our email plan is free of charge for up to 10 people — making it ideal for startups & small teams who need to save money. 

No hidden fees.

Keep your peace of mind - there are literally zero fees.

Instant benefits.

Our quick onboarding guide and easy interface will have you running more efficient standups in no time!


ScrumGenius in email is free for small teams.

Get started today. Free for teams up to 10 people. No credit card required.

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