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Automated standups in Slack.

ScrumGenius is a Slack-integrated app enabling virtual, asynchronous standups over chat for remote teams.


You are in great company.

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Integrated standups in Slack.

Tired of losing focus in video calls? ScrumGenius users only need 30 seconds to answer our chatbot in Slack.


Need to convince someone to fix your standup meetings?

We often hear from people who need to convince clients, management, or other important people (hint: your own team!) that ScrumGenius is genuinely valuable. Here, we've put together a slide deck for you to use — so convince away!

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Build trust and promote transparency everyday.

Check-ins are pushed live to a Slack #channel

Replace long video or audio meetings used for status reporting, with asynchronous remote-friendly check-ins over chat.

Spend a few minutes planning the day and share with your team.

Build a cadence of communication so everyone stays in sync with the team while working remotely with fewer meetings.

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ScrumGenius works with project management tools like GitHub, JIRA, Asana, Azure Devops, Clubhouse and more! Search tasks and activity in these tools and include them in your check-ins.

Boost team transparency and trust, which improves decision making, collaboration and overall team focus.

  • JIRA
  • Github
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ...and more.

ScrumGenius has helped drive new digital efficiencies for my organization. It allows my team to complete their daily scrum on their time, escalate issues to the right resources immediately, and encourages the discipline of planning out and being held accountable for their day.”

Griffin Kilber - Magenic

Griffin Kilber



We cost a lot less than not knowing what happened this week.

Stop wasting time & money on unproductive meetings, and focus on getting things done. 

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