sales report template

Sales Report Template

Replace manual sales reports with our automated sales report templated, designed to help you stay on top of targets and leads without the extra work.

Use ScrumGenius' template to gather sales information from your employees, identify issues in your sales pipeline, and track total income.


Run sales standups in ScrumGenius.

ScrumGenius helps sales teams share important insights in their pipelines and creates opportunities for cross-functional collaboration.

Easy Past Referencing

Use our Search Insights to refer back to previous sales reports and compare them to current reporting.

Save Time & Energy

Stop wasting time on tedious internal meetings and spend more time closing sales with clients.

Improve Sales Pipeline

Build on previous successes and failures in your pipeline by using this data to identify blockers and pain points.

Keep Data Organized

Keep sales data organized in the same place for easy reference and comparison.

Track Sales Figures

Keep an eye on sales figures to identify which tactics work best and which projects bring in the most sales.

Monitor Productivity

Keep an eye on employee productivity through numbers on calls, closed deals and leads.


Sales Team Weekly Standup FAQ

  • What is a Sales Report?

    A sales report (also called a sales analysis report) is a document that gives an overview of a company’s sales, including sales trends and performance. It creates a snapshot of the company’s sales at a specific time in order to determine future actions and goals. Essentially, it gives context to your sales.

    In turn, this can help you find potential new market opportunities and places to improve. They’re also a great tool to help keep your sales team motivated and on track, as it allows team members to see their own progress and areas for growth.

  • Why should I use this sales team weekly standup template in my standup meetings?

    Unlock the full potential of your sales team by collecting and documenting their sales insights weekly, identifying important action points and improving knowledge sharing across the team. Build on previous successes and failures by asking your sales team about common client blockers they encounter in the sales pipeline, as well as how they pitch your product.

    With this template, sales can stop wasting time & energy on long-winded weekly meetings. Instead, important client insights are broadcasted to every member on the team, allowing for peak collaboration and synergy during sales pitches. 

  • How are ScrumGenius' Sales Reports different from others?

    You can automate the whole sales reporting process through the chat platforms you're already using. Eliminate time wasted on manually checking in on your members. Get a summary email of all the sales report responses. Cut down meeting times by over 300%.

  • What does it do for my sales team?

    Using our sales report template can help your team in many different ways. First and foremost, it's a great tool to help keep your sales team motivated and on track--everyone can stay up-to-date on their progress and find areas for their own growth.

    Furthermore, by allowing you to compare the most recent period to previous ones, our sales reports can also help you find new market opportunities and places for improvement.

  • Why should I automate my Sales Reports?

    Instead of asking people for updates on their sales figures, set your reporting in autopilot. Let ScrumGenius do the work for you instead of wasting time running after people for the information and help stay on the same page. Automated sales reports also give you all the answers in a summary email and allow you to spend less time on meetings through automated reporting.

  • What questions should I ask in a sales team weekly standup?

    Our recommended sales standup template has three questions:

    1. What was the most common client worry or pain point you observed last week?
    2. What can we do to remove that pain point and improve our sales pipeline this week? 
    3. What is the core value proposition you are using to sell our product?

    By asking your sales team about common pain points and your product's core value proposition, you are gathering unique insights from the people that interact with your customers the most — insights that can drive other teams' work, improving cross-functional collaboration.

  • How do I effectively answer the report?

    Make sure that you're aware of your own responsibilities and answer based on those. You also want to include key information on your sales data and leads and mention any issues or blockers that come up in your sales pipeline. 

  • How do I receive the best answers?

    Send the reports at an appropriate time weekly (e.g. Thursdays, early afternoon) to give your team enough time to finish the report. You don't want your members to rush through the answers. 

    You can also set up report reminders, which will notify non-respondents to complete the sales report template in case they forget. Finally, hold an overview meeting before you implement ScrumGenius to discuss when people should get the report and who needs to fill out the report weekly.

  • Can I customise the questions and schedule?

    ScrumGenius is completely customizable, so you can tailor our sales reports to your needs easily. Managers will be able to choose what questions they ask, when the report is sent out, and who the report summary is sent to.


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