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Sprint Retrospective

No matter how well your sprint went, there's always room for improvement on the next one!

This agile sprint retrospective encourages team members to reflect on what they've learnt and build on that iteratively.


Reflect on your sprints with ScrumGenius.

ScrumGenius creates opportunities for collective introspection and breeds continuous improvement over time.


Easy Referencing

Use our Search Insights to reference past retrospectives, catalogue team progress, and track sprints over time.


Improve Iterations

Build on previous successes and failures by encouraging team members to think about areas for improvement.


Focus on Introspection

Gather important feedback and key learning points for future sprints while celebrating your team's successes.


Sprint Retrospective FAQ

  • Why should I use this sprint retrospective in my standup meetings?

    Agile methodology can provide a much-needed boost to team productivity and workflow. At ScrumGenius, we believe that a retrospective standup meeting helps your team develop a culture of introspection.

    Our sprint retrospective template encourages your team to take a step back and learn from past sprints, making them think ahead for the next sprint and improving organizational memory.  

    Reflect on key wins and areas for improvement by using this ready-made sprint retrospective now.

  • What does it do for my team?

    Generally speaking, there are two parts to every standup meeting: information sharing and collaboration.

    By automating the former, our sprint retrospective enables your team to spend more time on collaboration: for example, finding areas for improvement, quantifying and resolving frustrations that arose during the sprint, and other things that matter (like celebrating each others' successes!)

  • What questions should I ask in a sprint retrospective?

    Our recommended sprint retrospective template has three key components, with a bonus 4th question if you'd like to implement it:

    1. How do you feel about this sprint? What went well; any frustrations?
    2. What could've gone better?
    3. What was something you learnt that could be applied to our next sprint?
    4. What did you love about this sprint? (@someone if you want to mention them!)

    The template makes it easy to quantify how team members felt about the sprint and encourages them to dig deep for the "why," while searching for potential improvements to be made. It also allows your team members to share and celebrate each others' success, as well as show their appreciation for team members who helped during the sprint.

    Feel free to customize these questions based on your work function or your team's current project!

  • Can I customise the questions and schedule?

    ScrumGenius is completely customizable, so you can tailor our standup reports to your needs easily. Managers will be able to choose what questions they ask, when the report is sent out, and who the report summary is sent to.

    Think of these as the meeting agenda, calendar invite, and meeting minutes respectively! ScrumGenius bundles the complexity of running a standup meeting into a simple automated solution.

  • Who can see the responses?

    All team members can see the responses on their Team Dashboard. However, you can customize this too! ScrumGenius offers the option of running a private report, where responses are broadcasted exclusively to the Team Admin. This is designed for reports like feedback collection, peer reviews, and 1:1s. 

    For this sprint retrospective template, we recommend running it publicly, to reap the benefits of team collaboration.

  • How much does this cost?

    We offer a completely free plan for teams who haven't made the switch from email to chat platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack yet. For other teams, our premium pricing starts from $3/month. 

    Unlike other standup bots, we offer an email plan for free because we believe that given the chance, everyone would be convinced of the benefits ScrumGenius offers their team. 

    See all pricing plans


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ScrumGenius packages it up. It doesn’t require prep work, and we get the information my director needs. It’s really made things easier for everybody.”

Julee Marcelino

Julee Marcelino

Director, TrueBlue


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Reflect on your sprints with ScrumGenius.

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