daily standup meeting template

Daily Standup Meeting

A common asynchronous standup template. This is perfect for tracking day-to-day progress and blockers!

Stop wasting time and money on long, unnecessary meetings by using ScrumGenius for your daily standups.


Run your daily standups in ScrumGenius.

ScrumGenius makes it easy to uncover potential blockers and respond to your team's feedback efficiently. 


Reflect on the Past

By recording the previous day's progress, team members can now pinpoint exactly where they need to start their day and get to work.


Focus on Goals

By allowing members to set personal, daily goals, your team can drive their own progress and foster a culture of self-management.


Agile Collaboration

The new focus on blockers encourages team members to pitch in as needed, boosting team collaboration and increasing sprint velocity.


Daily Standup FAQ

  • Why should I use this Daily Standup template for my standup meetings?

    This template will allow you to rejuvenate your daily meetings as well as keep a finger on the pulse of your teams, flag roadblocks, and ensure complete alignment on priorities. With ScrumGenius' easy referencing of past reports, managers and admins can keep track of their team's day-to-day progress seamlessly.

  • What does this template do for my team?

    Generally speaking, there are two parts to every standup meeting: information sharing, and collaboration.

    By automating the former, our daily standup template frees up more time for your team to collaborate on important action items. Instead of wasting valuable time, key updates such as potential roadblocks, new working priorities, and areas for improvement are broadcasted to every member at the beginning of each day. Team leads are also able to keep track of day-to-day progress seamlessly.

  • What questions should I ask in a daily standup meeting?

    Our recommended Daily Standup template has four questions:

    1. What did you do yesterday?
    2. What are you working on today?
    3. Do you have any blockers?

    As you can see, this template is designed to track tracking everything from day to day progress as well as the current day's work responsibilities — all while gathering feedback for potential improvements to be made. Instead of dreading morning meetings, team members are able to start their day with a positive outlook and fresh mindset.

  • Can I customise the questions and schedule?

    ScrumGenius is completely customizable, so you can tailor our standup reports to your needs easily. Managers will be able to choose what questions they ask, when the report is sent out, and who the report summary is sent to.

    Think of these as the meeting agenda, calendar invite, and meeting minutes respectively! ScrumGenius bundles the complexity of running a standup meeting into a simple automated solution.

  • Who can see the responses?

    All team members can see the responses on their Team Dashboard. However, ScrumGenius also offers the option of running a private report, where responses are broadcasted exclusively to the Team Admin. This is designed for reports like feedback collection, peer reviews, and 1:1s. 

    For the Daily Standup template, we recommend running it publicly in order to reap the benefits of team collaboration.


Run daily standups on your workplace chat tool.

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ScrumGenius packages it up. It doesn’t require prep work, and we get the information my director needs. It’s really made things easier for everybody.”

Julee Marcelino

Julee Marcelino

Director, TrueBlue


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