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One-On-One Meetings

A one-on-one meeting is the perfect opportunity for managers to communicate individually with team members.

This one-on-one meeting template will help you receive the feedback from employees that matters to you the most.


Conduct your best one-on-one meeting

At ScrumGenius, we're all about effective and reliable communication.


Relationship Building

Build better relationships with employees by checking in on their well being.

Transparent Questions

Ask questions before small concerns become big problems.

Quick Feedback

Gather important feedback from your employees faster than in person.


One-On-One Meeting FAQ

  • What is a one-on-one meeting?

    In a one-on-one meeting, a manager speaks individually with an employee to gain a better understanding of their needs, problems, concerns or successes.

  • Why should I use a one-on-one meeting template?

    A template will allow you to efficiently receive feedback from employees using a computer or other device. Employees can easily provide their answers on their own time without disrupting their workflow.

  • How does it help my team?

    With a one-on-one meeting, employees can sort out any concerns with their work in a private setting before it becomes a large issue.

  • What questions should I ask?

    In a one-on-one meeting can be a mix of personal and work related questions.

  • Who can see the answers?

    With a one-on-one meeting private report, only the team's admin will see the answers to the questions asked.


Run our one-on-one meetings on your workplace chat tool.


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Conduct your one-on-one meetings with ScrumGenius

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